by Bob Armistead 2009


We served in silence, never breathing a word,

Of the things wed seen, or that which wed heard.

We worked by a code that few have ever known,

And we served in countries that were far from home.


We left all our friends and families behind,

To perform the work to which we were assigned.

We manned our positions every hour of every day.

Our work never stopped, and we never did sway.


We did all that was asked and we did it with pride;

We stood shoulder to shoulder and worked side by side.

If Im ever asked, Would you do it again?

Id just smile and say, How soon can I begin?


The time which Ive served, Ill never regret,

And the men whom Ive known, Ill never forget.

Now time has passed and our hair has turned gray,

And our ranks are thinning with each passing day.


So when my bell tolls for the final time,

And the echoes fade from the very last chime,

And my eyes are closed and Ive been laid to rest,

Just be assured that Ive served with the best.


Please drape my coffin with the American Flag,

And on top of my casket lay out my dog tag.

With my dog tag as my I.D. and the Flag as my shroud,

Ill go to my American...and still proud!


Ill trek to that place to join all the others,

My comrades in arms: My sisters, my brothers.

Ill be with my friends who have gone on before,

And are waiting for me beyond Deaths door.


So, when Im gone, shed no tears for me,

For Ive died as Ive lived an American and Free!

And once Ive traveled to my eternal home,

Just carve the following on my gravestone: